4. Goldsmith, Diamond Mounter or Jeweller?

I have yet to determine what the difference is between a diamond mounter and goldsmith and jeweller as all three names seem to be interchanged within the trade.

If I say to the layman that I am a goldsmith or jeweller, most of you will know instantly what I do for work. If I say that I am a diamond mounter there is a good chance you will not. The common misconception of a diamond mounter would be that she, or he, sets the stones into the mount which is not the case. This would be the setter. Perhaps the goldsmith is more of a general jewelry maker as opposed to a specialist diamond mounter? According to my last employer I was a ‘master goldsmith’ which sounded a tad grandiose to me as I consider myself as a ‘mounter’.

For those of you that may be interested here is a link that explains a little more about trainee diamond mounting.

I feel that I have been most fortunate, fortunate in that I really do enjoy making, remounting and repairing jewelry immensely, and especially working with platinum. Over the forty or so years in the journey through jewelry one seems to have developed a deep enjoyment of repairing and rescuing old jewelry. This enjoyment, or possibly indulgence, spills over into many other areas of life.

I take a tremendous amount of pleasure making and fixing most things I turn my hand to, despite the fact that usually the time used in repairing, or re-purposing, outweighs the cost of purchasing a new item!  But, and the big but is, I find this deeply deeply gratifying, and satisfying, to have saved many an item from landfill or recycled for another purpose. Or, is that ‘up-cycled’ these days?

It is of course distinctly possible that I may have been one of those lucky people who found that ‘thing’ early, or practiced for enough time to get good enough to enjoy the process?  The requisite ten thousand hours maybe?


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