DeCoot is a web only business and we try hard to give you an outstanding customer experience. We endeavor to respond to your enquiries, queries and emails as quickly as possible, usually within 24 hours.

We absolutely love what we do, every part of the process from making the initial models, using all our and craft and techniques, to finishing and packaging your items.

Our attention to detail, quality and finish takes time to accomplish so your patience is always appreciated. You will find only DeCoot links, locks, pendants and other items in the our website Boutique.



We are always in the pursuit of continuing improvement and development and welcome any of your thoughts or ideas.

Our range of unique links, locks, pendants and other items are always evolving and continually being added to our catalogue. We do not stock, or supply, any shops with DeCoot links, locks or any other DeCoot items which are only available from our Boutique.

Please connect with us if you see a way for us to improve your experience of the DeCoot website and Boutique. We can also speak with you on the telephone. Please remember that our time zone might not be the same as yours.


People are different.
Some are gentle with their jewellery and others not so.

Bracelets are subject to nearly as much wear and tear as rings.

Necklaces do not require the same attention as bracelets depending on their length.

Sautoirs are more susceptible as they are longer, usually worn outside clothing, swing and can become caught on things.

Our Atelier is fully equipped undertake any cleaning, repairs or alterations that you require.


For any items that become dirty or grimy we use use an ultrasonic machine making sure the chain is suspended in the liquid, which is ideal way to clean your items.

Leaving the chain on the bottom of the machine’s bath is definitely not recommended as the chain will vibrate against the bottom of the bath. We realize that many of you do not have, or have access to such a machine.

With this in mind we suggest that using a soft brush, a toothbrush would be ideal, with a small amount of washing up liquid to remove any heavy dirt or grime.

For any enquiries or queries about care or cleaning of your items please connect with us.


We only use harder gem stones on the MOH’s hardness scale.

Natural Diamonds of different colours ranging from white through to grey and black including yellows, browns, pinks, reds and occasionally purple and blue.

Natural reds, purples, and blue diamonds are frightfully expensive and not always easy to find.

Sapphires of assorted colours ranging from dark inky blue through pale blue to white. Greens, reds, yellows, pinks and purples are also available. We are particularly fond of vivid pinks and purple.

So that you are aware nearly all sapphires are heat treated to enhance their colour.

We also use Tzavorite garnets for a vivid green, Amethyst for a dark purple, Garnet for a deep rich red.

Gem stones below 7 on MOH’s hardness scale prove to be not durable enough for our bracelets.

Should you have a special request the please connect with us to discuss your requirements further.


Vitreous Enamel is powdered glass which when heated fuses to form smooth hard surface.

We do not recommend using enameled links on bracelets.

Please trust us it will only end in tears and disappointment.


Ordinarily most white gold jewellery is Rhodium plated.

Eventually, inevitably the Rhodium plate wears off revealing the slight warm yellow hue to the white gold metal beneath.

We do not use Rhodium plating as we appreciate the warmth of colour white gold gives.

For any enquiries or queries you have about metals and alloys or the use of other precious metals please connect with us to discuss your requirements further.


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