Contained within the DeCoot treasury is a collection of articles for you to admire.

Upon opening our trove of treasure you may find yourself developing deep, powerful, and uncontrollable feelings desire. Please do not be alarmed as this is an entirely natural response.

You may also aspire to own one of the articles contained within the treasury.

Should you wish to attire yourself in one, or more, of these articles you may acquire a limited selection from our ‘ready to wear’ page.

You may also develop a notion to have your links personalized further. To enable us to suit your requirements you need only ‘connect’ and ask.

We are always open to your thoughts and design ideas. so please enquire.


Clear chain selection

By clicking CLEAR, your chain selection will be deleted for good.

To delete individual links, drag and drop the link out of the sequencer window.

Chain length

Minimum chain length, to purchase is 10cm

Save your chain

By entering your details your chain selection will automatically be saved to this devise

Simply return to this page at any time to view your selection.

To delete your selection click clear in the browser window